Why Castrate?

Castrate A Cat

Help reduce the suffering of street living cats by funding a castration. Our supporting clinics work hard to help reduce the number of unwanted cats - let's give them more do to!

Easy answer!

Our aim to give cats the best possible quality of life means - castrate. Here are a few very good reasons:

  • Take the pressure off our shelter - less kittens > less cats to protect > less cats in our shelter.
  • Stop the hardship for mothers fighting to bring up their young, searching for food to keep them strong enough to milk and then finding food for their babies when they need more than just milk to help them grow.
  • Stop the spread of diseases like HIV and Leukaemia, which spread through colonies, passing these infections on to other cats (both wild and domestic pets)
  • Reduce the risk of tumors, breast cancer and internal infections, common in cats over 7 yrs of age.
  • Reduce hormones of male cats who fight and attack.
  • Control the stress brought to local communities by dealing with hungry, sick cats demanding food and shelter.
  • Reduce the number of free living cats.

Without funding to perform this operation and doing the work involved collecting, caring for and monitoring these cats, we will never get a grip on the over population issues facing us every day.

If you need help with a new uncastrated cat at your door, contact us for advice and help.