Find New Families For Our Cats

Every poster displayed brings new interest. Our cats have a much better chance of being adopted when we can reach more people. Please help us to spread the word by downloading, printing and displaying some of the posters here, so you can be the reason our cats are finding a new home.


Alicia and Adam Poster Felicity and Isidro Poster Heidi and Elmo Poster
Poster 1 - General Kitten
(incl. telephone tear off labels)
Poster 2 - Adults
Alicia & Adam
Poster 3 - Adults
Felicity & Isidro
Poster 4 - Adults
Heidi & Elmo


Lost and Found Posters

 Lost Poster  
 Found Poster  
Poster 1 - Lost
Poster 2 - Found

Click on the posters to download a word document ready to amend.