Success Stories

Please send us a photo and story about the cats from Aldea Felina you have adopted so we can let everyone know their lucky day arrived. Our volunteers love to hear the good news. Email us: cats(at) or click the link.

1/3/14 - Xon

Chewbacca is doing great he is happy with the dog they play and he loves being comfortable hehe, he sleeps on a different bed every night even though he has his own :) He had a few days with our other cat being mean but he didn't care he just ignored her and played quite happily much to her disgust! But now they are playing and getting along fine, so both happy.

Thank you for giving him to us we really adore him he is a part of the family xxxxx

Saludos Jules, Oliva


27/2/14 - Flick & Raoul

Dear all,

We adopted Vlieg (was Flick) many years ago. He has seen a lot of Europe, and is now settled in Switzerland. The vet says he's incredibly muscular and fit. A year ago we adopted Raoul. They both love the fields around our house (we live near a farm). They are outside every day and enjoy hunting and playing. They both like to cuddle but are also very independent. We are very thankful and hope people will continue to adopt cats. Thanks to all the volunteers these cats get a change.

Joëlle, David and Max

Raoul Flick and Raoul Flick

17/2/14 - Piri and Sissie

Hi Luisa,

We are very happy and satisfied, that the poor cats in the neighbourhood are well attended now and will get a better life soon thanks to you and Aldeas help. As before Piri Piri and Sissi are sleeping a lot at the day time, but in the night they are playing, eating and have a good time together. They come in the night and sleep in between, often in our bed, sometimes somewhere else. So we are a happy cat family again and thank you a lot for your help and advice.

Lawrence and Anne

Piri and Sissie Piri and Sissie Piri and Sissie

23/3/14 - Maya, Marisa & Maricel

Hello Spain,

I finally have the time to send you pictures of the three little cats that we adopted from you last June. 2 are together and one is with our daughter, which you already have photos of. We see them always playing together. They also join us every year in Spain on holiday. The head honcho is and will remain the dogs, who guard them carefully and play and cuddle with them. Good luck in finding new places for all the cats. It is nice to be able to adopt your cats. They are very grateful and give love a thousand times back.

Greetings from Switzerland

Maya, Marisa and Maricel Maya, Marisa and Maricel Maya, Marisa and Maricel

Tina - 24/11/13

Hola! Adoptamoa a Pinda (Tina) hace unos meses. Estamos felices de que este en casa!



Dylan - 12/01/14

This is Dylan, he is now called Leo.

Dylan Dylan 

Tom and Sam - 19/01/14

Hi Sara and Aldea team. The cat news from Spain is better than we could have hoped for. The two boys have become inseparable, always out exploring together or snoozing on the sofa, also together, as the pictures show. Tom is very much at home, and I think he cannot believe his luck; a nice house, large gardens and a big brother whom he adores. Oh yes, and humans that love him to bits, which he reciprocates in every way he can.

Many thanks for all your work, Karin and Alec


Rayah (was Rhianna) - 19/12/13

Rayah and Timon: It is going very well with both of them. They are best friends and Rayah gained weight and is health and happy. Daphne Sonneveldt.


Nico & Nancy - 16/12/13

Both are doing very well and have settled down with the dog. They love to scratch the furniture and ruin the chairs! They are lovely cats. Gertrudis. x


Olive - 13/12/13

Olive has settled in so well. She has now become very confident and is whizzing round the house. She is so full of life and loves people. She cant even sleep alone, instead jumps into bed with me and puts her head on the pillow. For such a little cat she has a big purr. I hope you are all well. I have sent some photos. These were taken on the day she arrived, I'm not sure if cats remember sounds or smells but she seemed very happy. Thank you all again for everything and I will keep you regularly posted. All the best Lucy and family xxxx



Hochi & Helen - 9/12/13

We adopted this brother and sister in August and would like to say how happy we are to have them and maybe theses pictures show you how happy they are. We think you new website is excellent! Maureen and Brian Carey


Yani & Etho - 09/12/13

Update on Yani she is now Jenny and fine and gets on well with Etho. Etho is now fine and fat he had lots of teeth taken out, and he was very ill with very low red cells in his blood then he was kidnapped and came back 24hrs later with a large V cut out of his ear which would not heal so the vets took off the top and stiched it. But as you can see from photos they are both happy and well.  Love to you and all your Volunteers. Family Stemp, Spain.


Ivan & Iris - 10/11/13

We have been living for almost 2 months with our new family and we feel really good! Every day we experience with our 3 playmates (the children) new adventures in their nursery or garden. Mostly it is fun for us to steal their toys and somewhere in the big house to hide. We always say thank you to our new family with lots of cuddles, purrs and sweet behavior! We are so glad that we were given to our new family together, as a separate life for us is unimaginable. We are always togther and we call each other and run to see what the other is doing. So we are an unbeatable duo. Bye - Lars and Luna xxxx


Maya - 17/10/13

Good evening. For almost two weeks now, the small Aceituna (Maya) is in her new home. She has now settled in well and feels safe and well. She is healthy, hearty, greedy and eager to play. Here are some photos. Best regards from Switzerland.  

Nicole Gyger with Aceituna

Maya - Aceituna Maya - Aceituna Maya - Aceituna

Zahira - 31/05/13

Here are a couple of photos from Nayla thats her new name. Thank you 4 everything! ;-)

Family Liebens (Germany)

Zahira Zahira Zahira


Success Stories

Xiquet, now called Rufus‏

Dear Luisa,
Just to let you know that the kitten, Xiquet, that we got from you on 5th July has settled in very well and has become a real part of the family. We have now called him Rufus. He seems to be very bright and intelligent. Our other cat, Rambo, loves him and they have a great time playing together.
I am attaching some photos.
Kind regards,
Jennifer Nesteroff.