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Happy cats adopted from Aldea Felina

We are delighted every time one of our cats is adopted into a new loving home. Here we celebrate our ever growing family and share with you this information.

You are welcome to post your own update and photos here, feel free to use our form and be a part of our happy family.

Bastet, antes Helia

Adoptamos a Bastet en Noviembre de 2018, como compañera para nuestro gato Miko. Nos encandiló en cuanto la vimos, ya que es una zalamera y una ronrroneadora nata.

Es dulce, cariñosa y, no solo a animado la vida Miko, sino que se ha ganado a toda la familia con su forma de ser. Siempre sale a recibirte con un maullido.

Es un verdadero encanto.

Begoña Latorre Sancho

Fips, Fienchen y Bärli

The first time I fostered kittens from you, a couple of months after my old wonderful - black - cat died, it turned out to be a difficult one. I fostered 5 babies, whose mother was found to have the very contagious cat flu. Therefor we had to wait for 6 months to be able to have the babies blood tested. Two kittens were already spoken for. I was so afraid that the babies, all or some, had become infected.

It turned out, all where clear! So two went to the new home, but three would have been taken back to the shelter. Lots of people want to adopt babies, but 6 months old? So I kept the remaining three! Wonderful! They are my babies, even they are two years now! All three have grown to be beautiful, intelligent cats, they play and sleep together, we are a family!

Best wishes,


Poppy (was Dunia) is an absolute delight and we love her.  She is settling in really well, as you can see, and she is so sweet and affectionate that she has certainly made her way into our hearts after such a short time.

Good luck with the new page.

Best wishes

Julie & Duncan

Update: After nearly 2 weeks Poppy is even nicer!  She has some really endearing ways with her and is keeping us quite amused at times, and is so loving to us - we love her!