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News Articles

Make your text as interesting and informative as you can. An article should have at least 150 words if possible to allow for an introduction on the teaser page, and a fully readable text on the main page.

This text will be used 1-1 and posted on the website. Also include at least one picture, for the teaser and main article (see info below about picture sizes). If you wish to add a gallery you can add extra pictures by sending a quick email to .

Please write your texts in as many languages as possible: Spanish (ES), English (EN) and German (DE). If you cannot translate your text into all three languages, it will delay the posting of the article while the missing languages are translated.

You can send an article for the website as early as you like, just confirm the date you would like it to go live and it can be posted on this given day. All posts will remain online building an interesting archive of activity for the website users to read.

In which category/ies should this article be posted?*

Please write your title and text in Spanish here:

Please write your title and text in English here:

Please write your title and text in German here:

Important information for uploads:

These are the accepted file types: jpg,jpeg,gif,png,pdf,JPG,JPEG,PDF,PNG

Uploaded files should be named in the following way:

Date(Year-Month-Day)_source(name of website downloaded from)_photographer name_article name e.g.:


Please only upload files you have the rights to use. This will be either self created or with permission from the person who created the picture/pdf. If you are looking for good quality pictures to promote a text, you can make an account with a free content website like It is very important that content for the website is not copied from a source without permission, this means also pictures you have found on the internet. Pictures which are not clearly marked with the name of the author and source (if not the same name as the creator ) cannot be used on the website. This also applies to our Facebook page and any other place we publish content/pictures. In any doubt, please contact me and ask:


If you would like to add photos to the article as a gallery, please send me these extra photos over email. Use the article name as the subject of your email and I can put them in a gallery with the main text.

Gallery photos: Maximum file size 3 MiB per picture. Minimum 1920 px wide if possible. This ensures a good display on all computers and mobiles. Pictures which are too small in pixel size may be distorted or not display correctly.


You will receive a copy for your records. Once this form has been successfully sent, you will be redirected to the news page. Once the news has been posted online, you can use the Facebook post button to post the text in Facebook. This has the double positive effect that not only does the Facebook user have the opportunity to read the well laid out text and pictures easily in multiple languages but they can also see all the other content on the website, including the cats for adoption.

If this page does not redirect you to the news page, check for errors in for form.