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A big thank you to Linda and Tony!

For almost 20 years, Linda and Tony have been volunteers at Aldea Felina. They have worked without rest, helping other volunteers and taking care of many cats. They have belonged to our association from the beginning and are part of our history. Without the thousands of hours they have dedicated to us, we would not be in the situation we are in today.

With all our love for Linda and Tony, but with great regret in our hearts, we have to inform you that Tony passed away on October 19th 2020, losing his battle with cancer. All those of us who knew him will remember his special sense of humour, cheeky grin and quick wit. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Tony was never afraid to say what he felt, no matter the consequences.

Over the years, as valued members of Aldea Felina, they have been involved in many duties, including cleaning cages and common areas in our shelter, carrying out repairs and maintenance of the facilities, helping to secure a large number of adoptions and organising other volunteers. The list is endless, and we only highlight their work at our shelter, caring deeply for our cats and kittens over the many years. Of course, a very special “job” they had, was caring for Woopie, as a permanent foster cat, for more than 10 years. They gave her the life of a princess (she thought she was one too!), offering her the best possibility of leading an almost normal home life, for such a sickly cat, until she passed away at a very good age.

We want to send our deepest condolences to Linda and our support in these difficult times. And all our love and memories for Tony. On behalf of the volunteers, collaborators and all the cats they have helped with their good hearts.

Lots of love from us all at Aldea Felina

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