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Abandoned at Christmas

With everything we have been through this year, many of us hope we can learn how to be more considerate to others, to think about others and be more humane than before this crisis. But our hopes did not live long, as you can see by this picture.

Yesterday, the 27th December was a very bad day for this cat, who was taped shut in a box and left unattended and at full risk, at the door of our shelter. As the first volunteer arrived, he was greeted with this package. We ask ourselves who can be so short sighted and weak, that they leave a defenceless animal abandoned. Why is it not possible to communicate with us first? To talk to us about the situation and find a solution together. What if this cat has an illness or allergy? How old is she? Is she used to other cats? Children? Did she live in apartment or is she used to a garden? All these questions are important to us and we have the right to know the answers if we are going to be forced to take on the responsibility of this animal.

Please take a good look at this cat, do you recognise her? Is she missing from your neighbours house? Or did someone in your family give her away? We take this seriously and would like to make contact with the owner, so we can do justice for this little cat. If you can help us find her owner, please contact us

It is cruel and illegal to abandon a pet. Have a heart for every living thing. There is always a solution for every problem. Please do the right thing and fight for the life of every animal, don’t throw them away like old rubbish. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Picture 3: The sign on our door is clear and is there for a good reason. We ask everyone to please respect the work we do.

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