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Clarification on the cat diagnosed with CoVid19 in Catalonia yesterday

Since this pandemic began, several articles have been published in the press generating alarm and suspicions about the possible risks of living with cats. Please, we recommend you only pay attention to scientific publications and texts backed by real data. Do not believe these trouble making sensational headlines, which have no basis.

Here you can read the official text of the Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals (AVEPA). It clearly states that as of today, there is no scientific proof that our pets can catch or transmit CoVid-19 to us. The international organization WSAVA and the American AVMA have the same position.

Therefore, do not hesitate to continue sharing your day to day with your pet, as always. Please talk to other cat owners, and spread this information, informing your friends and family if they have questions. We can also help animals by broadcasting the correct news about them. Together, we will get through these hard times.

The statement is in Spanish, but you can know from the text here that it is clarifying what we have written.

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