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Extreme cruelty on St. John's Day

Unfortunately, the sad story repeats itself, but this time it's worse than normal.

This morning the municipal collection service, managed by APAD, went to visit a call made by a neighbour in La Pedrera. When the resident attempted to throw their rubbish in the bin, they heard the soft cry of an animal from inside the container. The rescue service arrived and when they searched the bin they found a closed plastic bag at the bottom, which you can see in the photos. To everyone's surprise, inside the bag were 3 baby kitten, who were practically suffocated, due to the heat and the lack of air. After carrying out manoeuvres to revive the kittens, the driver brought them to us at Aldea Felina, so we can take over the care of them.

The kittens are only about 3 days old, and have still their entire umbilical cord. Despite all the effort and dedication that the volunteer can give them at this time, the reality is that their chances of survival are very low. They have suffered an incredible injustice, shortly after birth by some very cruel “people". This person has an absolute lack of sensitivity towards living beings; so fragile and defenceless. Planning to abandon them and give them an agonising death.  Now there is a mother cat, full of milk, searching for her babies. She has the risk of infection now, due to milk build up and stress from losing her children.

We have no words to describe such an individual, at least none that we can make public. Can we call this person a human? They are definitely not humane.

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