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It's kitten season 2021!

The same like every year, spring arrives and along with it a season of newborn kittens. Some appear in a garden or in the street with their mummy and are picked up by the association. Many others are unfortunately abandoned by irresponsible people who get rid of them, instead of spaying or neutering their cat and putting an end to such cruel situations. Right now we have many kittens who are waiting for a home where they can grow up safe and surrounded by love. We need more temporary foster homes for them and of course, also families to adopt them permanently when they are ready to leave us.

Today we want to introduce you to this pair of kittens, who we cannot separate. The little tabby is Gus and the white cutie with spots is Eclipse. They are two male kittens who arrived at the shelter as tiny babies. Gus was found abandoned in a cardboard box, next to a rubbish bin in Calle Loreto when he was only 4 weeks old. He was so young he wasn't even able to eat on his own. Eclipse was picked up with his feral mum from the Torrecremada colony when he was also about 4 weeks old. His mummy was sterilised and returned to her feeding place and Eclipse was placed in foster care. The problem was both kittens we in different foster homes, alone. So we decided to unite them – and now they have become inseparable. They are always playing and sleeping together, as you can see in the pictures. They will learn skills like how to protect themselves, hunt, and bond with others. That's why it would be very sad if they had to be separated. Now they are 2 months old and ready to be adopted. The advantage of adopting two kittens is that they keep each other company when they are alone at home and there is no problem of coexistence as they have grown up together. They will surely be friends for life. Watching them play together all day is great fun, but they still need cuddles and games from humans who will love and protect them.

If you have the opportunity to adopt these two kittens together, don't hesitate to contact Aldea Felina by filling in the form using this link: Contact us

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