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Rani und Shanti

Can we dare hope for a happy-end?

With this story, my sister and I hope to find a new home where we can live together either as outdoor cats (on the countryside or traffic-calmed area) or in a secured large garden.

We are both two years old tabby ladies who look alike. My name is Rani, and my sister is called Shanti. At the beginning, our owners were just able to identify us only by the colour of our eyes. My sister has green, mine are kind of yellow-grey.

Our start in life was not very pleasant, because we were abandoned at rubbish bins when we were small and we had to fight for our survival. Since there were some other cats who were much bigger and stronger than us around, there was never enough for us to eat. That is why we were like skin and bones when our owners found us one day in December. These strangers gave us their hearts right away and managed to lure us into their house with a lot of patience (and food). There we were "grounded" for the first weeks to get us used to the new living conditions, to get rid of all parasites and we got a proper examination.  Now we are neutered, we have microchips, are free of parasites and tested for cat diseases. After the acclimatisation period we were finally allowed to explore the whole property and since then we are able to decide whether we want stay in the house or rather enjoy life in the garden. We think this is great, because we do not want to live as pure house cats.

Concerning the human contact, we both were very critical in the beginning, because we were used to running from humans and hiding, so that nothing bad could happen to us. Our owners tried to win our trust with many positive things, so that we would realise nothing bad would happen to us anymore. Because of their hard work and patience, we are much more trusting than at the beginning. We are sprightly, curious and playful. Only the memories of our former life are still quite strong, and often our first reaction is to flee and protect ourselves when we meet strangers or hear loud noises. My sister is even more of a scaredy-cat then me, and is my shadow, never far from my side. Sometimes I also have to stand by her, because our owners have three other cats and from time to time there are discussions with the older lady cat here. Then my sister never dares to open up her mouth and defend herself. Probably that's why it's kind of difficult for her to show us her whole lovely personality, because she still lacks self-confidence. She is a little sensitive soul my dear sis. And that's why we only exist in a twin pack, because we have always been there for each other and we do have a very close relationship.

Concerning our characters, I am already more courageous than my sister, very eager for knowledge, I`m already “giving answers” to my owners when they talk to me and it is not the worst thing for me anymore when they try to touch me. As a matter of fact, meanwhile I enjoy to be cuddled.  I have noticed that this is a really great thing to get! My shyly sis though purrs around my owner´s legs while we all are walking in the garden and seems to be willing to get a cuddle as well, but she still needs some time to get over her fear of human hands. She really had some kind of bad experience in the past I guess.

Unfortunately, our stay here is only temporary, because our owners will emigrate to Asia and can't take us on such a long trip. Now we are afraid what will happen to us if they don't find great people who want to give us a new home with enough understanding and patience. We are very happy about the time we were allowed to spend here and how laboriously our owners still work on our trust every day. All this should not have been in vain, because we hope so badly to find an equally loving new home with people who are really honest and can offer us a nice life. We hope that there will be somebody out there who wants to give us a happy future and if you are reading this, maybe YOU feel as though it could be you?....

If you would like to meet us, please email  To ensure serious interest, we hope you understand, we ask for an adoption fee.

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