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ALDEA FELINA - Donaciones: Sabadell IBAN: ES20 0081 1142 9900 0119 5725 BIC: BSAB ESBB XXX

We are renovating our apartment

The apartment is having a make-over

One of the areas we have concentrated on renovating is where our older, unadoptable residents live. Due to the salt and rain, our outside areas are weather damaged over time and we need to replace them to keep them strong and our cats safe.

Our group of permanent residents are currently: Felicity, Alida, Fani, Leon, Felicia, Unai and Ollie. To enable us to work quickly while protecting the cats we decided to place them in short term foster care. This is something they are not used to - being put in travel boxes and taken away from their home. These cats are not very friendly and don't like change. But to do a good job for them, sacrifices needed to be made.

Work is now being done, money spent and new furniture being build. Soon we can show you the final results. We are able to do this work thanks to the donations we have received from our renovations project.

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