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We are starting to be overwhelmed again!

On Wednesday, we received information that someone had left this basket of kittens next to the rubbish bins near the crane company in the Denia industrial estate.

There are 6 babies, about 4 weeks old, who had been with their mother until some unforgiving person took them to the rubbish bins. How many times do we have to say that this does not solve anything? The poor mother cat is going to go into heat immediately, to get pregnant again and repeat the sad story over and over again. The solution is to neuter the mother cat and stop that loop once and for all!

We at Aldea Felina urgently need more foster homes. We need your help to socialise these kittens, keep them well and safe until they are older and can return to the shelter while they wait for a new home. We have others who need to be fed milk through a bottle or given medication. Can you please help – just for a few weeks?...

And above all, we need more adoptions, so we can keep accepting these poor little animals, who cannot be blamed for anything, they were just allowed to be born from a stupid owner. They deserve a second chance – let’s give it to them. Help us help them!

Please email us at if you can offer your services as a foster parent for a few weeks or fill in the form on this page: - friends-of-aldea-felina

We provide you with everything you need for them – we just need you!

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