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What a catastrophy!

The roof of our house lost several tiles and we have significant structural damage. It looks like it might collapse at any moment, and we do not know what will happen when it rains again tonight. Water has run downs the walls and into the cages upstairs. In addition, all outside areas have been badly affected. We have spent the day repairing things and making it safe again for the cats, to endure the next few days until the storm ends. We were halfway through the renovation of both the new and old areas, it just shows that the old house is not strong enough to resist hard rain and protect our cats and volunteers. We need an urgent solution from the City Council - for once and for all - they need to provide us with a proper shelter and acceptable conditions!

We greatly appreciate all the volunteers who help the Association, or directly the street cats, so that we can move on, today and every day and despite the bad weather. You are our strength. Thank you.

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