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what cruel and irresponsible people

Five newborn baby kittens abandoned
Five newborn baby kittens abandoned

It has happened again. On Tuesday a box was found with 5 newborn baby kittens, near McDonald's in Denia. They were put there to die, by someone who does not deserve the air they breathe. Unfortunately, only one has survived. Every year the same cruel situation is repeated: unscrupulous people with no feelings who get rid of the babies. They had just about no chance of survival. Whoever does this also leaves the poor mother cat full of milk, with a high risk of infection and without her young to care for. We ask YOU, whoever you are who did this: do you not realise that this way you DO NOT SOLVE ANYTHING? The female will get pregnant again in a short time and everyone will be in the same situation again.

We ask you all, please, to talk to your vet and make an appointment to neuter your pets. Avoid the birth of unwanted litters and help control overpopulation and animal abandonment. In addition to not letting a living animal suffer (we too are just living animals), there are many advantages for your pets’ health, such as avoiding uterine infections and breast cancer.

Be responsible! The love for your pet is shown by caring for them like this, not only by buying more toys or treats every day. Help change this terrible reality we are still dealing with. Report those around you, you know are cruel to animals. Don’t let these poor beloved animals suffer without a voice. Only together can we make it better.

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