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Welcome to our news section. Here you can read about all the activities we are involved in, keep up to date with our association and current isssues, find out how many cats we have rescued, helped, found new home for and much more. Please feel free to share these articles with your friends and colleagues, using the social media links. All these articles are also on our Facebook page.

Articles are written in Spanish and English, most also in German. Scroll past the Spanish text to reach the other languages.

15 Jan 2023

Please read the following information clarifying the situation of the cats in the colony located in the breakwater of the port of Dénia.

16 Aug 2022

Meet Aruba - a young female cat, found broken and alone. She is on a journey of recovery after suffering multiple problems. We can help her through with love and care and give her a future. A part of her future is in your hands… Start your journey with Aruba by reading her story here.

3 May 2022

Our little Yuna is making us happy. After the operation on her right front paw she is as playful as ever and being a brave girl. These videos will make you smile.

12 Apr 2022

Yuna is a beautiful young cat who has suffered from a near fatal accident. Here is her story and how you can help.

26 Mar 2022

Spring is here - and so are the first kittens. They are already being born and we are beginning the seasonal cycle of trying to save the lives of these tiny helpless creatures. In order to do so, - we need your help.

24 Mar 2022

This story shows how the thoughtlessness of one person caused a chain reaction involving many people, heartache and incurring unnecessary costs, due to ignorance and selfishness.