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Welcome to our news section. Here you can read about all the activities we are involved in, keep up to date with our association and current isssues, find out how many cats we have rescued, helped, found new home for and much more. Please feel free to share these articles with your friends and colleagues, using the social media links. All these articles are also on our Facebook page.

Articles are written in Spanish and English, most also in German. Scroll past the Spanish text to reach the other languages.

11 May 2020

Sometimes we are called to help in situations no-one wants to know about, but to protect animals, we also have to do hard things. It’s part of the job.

10 May 2020

Clarification on the cat diagnosed with CoVid19 yesterday in Catalonia. Since this pandemic began, several articles have been published in the press generating alarm and suspicions about the possible risks of living with cats.

14 Apr 2020

Even when times are hard, our cats are still being cared for by friends of Aldea Felina. We say a special thank you to Waltraud and her fantastic donation.

20 Mar 2020

Please read this important information about how the restrictions are affecting those caring for street cats. Volunteers of Aldea Felina can receive a certificate authorising them to continue their work.

20 Feb 2020
Five newborn baby kittens abandoned
Five newborn baby kittens abandoned

It has happened again. On Tuesday a box was found with 5 newborn baby kittens, near McDonald's in Denia. They were put there to die, by someone who does not deserve the air they breathe.