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Bella has found her forever home

Thank you to everyone who supported Bella through her traumatic experience. We raised funds to help pay for her operation and we are happy to report she has been adopted. Below is the total amount of donations, a big thank you to everyone who got involved to give this little girl the happy ending she deserved!

Here is her story, from her new family...

On December 3rd my mom and I went to meet Bella at Alex's house and she licked my mom's hand straight away. Love at first sight, I guess ;) Bella is VERY vocal so I got a lot of talking lol

Since the chemistry seemed very good and it seemed best to act quickly we took Bella home the same day. It was very impressive to see how quickly she adapted. She moved around the entire house exploring every corner...
We'd say within 3 days she was fully set! She ate with the others, she started enjoing the sun, she claimed Bessy's bed as hers, and she wanted to cuddle all the time. While Bella is very loving she also has a dominant side. She's devinitely letting the entire house (and neighborhood) know that she's the "boss" now. Funny thing is that one cat (little Silvina 5 years old) looks a bit like her and it happens to be her FAVORITE. There is something going on btw. them that we are still trying to fully understand lol  Both of them have had similar health issues, their stories however are different. Maybe that's the connection in addition to being calicos?
Lucky is not bothered by another cat at all and the other cats also accepted and welcomed her as a new member of the family.
I attached a bunch of photos, because they say more than 1000 words ;)
Thank you!
Happy 2021

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Please read the following information clarifying the situation of the cats in the colony located in the breakwater of the port of Dénia.

Meet Aruba - a young female cat, found broken and alone. She is on a journey of recovery after suffering multiple problems. We can help her through with love and care and give her a future. A part of her future is in your hands… Start your journey with Aruba by reading her story here.