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Little Oki

Oki is a black and white kitten who has won us over with his good character. He is playful and affectionate, everyone loves him. Sadly, he arrived to us at Aldea Felina in December 2021 with his right eye in a very bad condition. We think he was abandoned because of this. He couldn't be operated right away because he was too small, so we have been taking care of him and giving him treatment until he was big enough to be operated on. The best and only thing we can do for him, is to remove the damaged eye and close the skin on his eyelids, so that he has a clean wound which will not make any problems in the future.

Just this week he received his operation. We were lucky enough to be able to count on the generosity and expertise of the SanaSana Veterinary Clinic in Denia. Even though it was a delicate and hard operation, we have an invoice for 427 euros. Added to this is the medication we gave him during the last months to keep his eye clean and the recovery medication also. He has also had his vaccinations. So far everything he is doing well and he is recovering is successful.

He is currently in a foster home, but once he is fully recovered, he will be available for adoption. He is a loving kitten, maybe you can find a place in your family for him?

Your donation, whatever the amount, will go a long way to help Oki. You can do it by bank transfer or PayPal, see below.

The whole Aldea Felina team, our cats and especially Oki will thank you.

Oki's expenses

The operation costed 438€, the pre-op and post-op treatments will total around 150€, making a total of €588.

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