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Welcome to our news section. Here you can read about all the activities we are involved in, keep up to date with our association and current isssues, find out how many cats we have rescued, helped, found new home for and much more. Please feel free to share these articles with your friends and colleagues, using the social media links. All these articles are also on our Facebook page.

Articles are written in Spanish and English, most also in German. Scroll past the Spanish text to reach the other languages.

6 Sep 2021

For our second year now, we have been lucky enough to feel the love and support of local residents and Friends of Aldea Felina. As we finish our cat food collection campaign we have a lot of people to thank.

25 Jul 2021

Due to the success of our last food collection campaign we are doing it again. You can find us at the Carrefour supermarket at the Portal de la Marina shopping centre in Ondara, throughout the month of August.

23 Jul 2021

Every now and then we experience such a rollercoaster ride that we have to share it with all our friends and followers. Pamela is such a story, and reading about her will give you an insight into the work we do and how it can change the life of family, reuniting a cat with her owner.

30 Jan 2021

By donating just 1€ a month through this special non-profit online website service, you are helping all the cats of Aldea Felina.

3 Dec 2020

We had the pleasure of helping 9 abandoned cats and be a part of their journey as they prepared for their new lives in Scotland.

3 Dec 2020

Colony cat feeders and shelter volunteers: please read this important notice about feeding cats

3 Dec 2020

After the great success of last weekend, we will be again at our collection point this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00.

3 Nov 2020

With this story, my sister and I hope to find a new home where we can live together either as outdoor cats (on the countryside or traffic-calmed area) or in a secured large garden.

25 Sep 2020

Have you found a cat? Do you need help?  This is a very hard season for us. A very high number of cats and kittens in need of help are being found. We are under great pressure to help find solutions for each poor animal. Find out more here