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Street Programme “Trap, Neuter and Return”


Through our “TNR” programme, we ease the suffering of hundreds of cats every year. Some of our dedicated volunteers catch street living cats using special equipment and transport them to supporting clinics.  They receive a health check, are neutered and in some cases undergo urgent operations due to car accidents or other traumas.

Our job is to make these cat’s lives easier by returning them to their colony neutered, where they have access to food, water and shelter. This results in females no longer having to struggle to provide for their young and lowers the stress of too many dominant males among a group, reducing the transfer risk of disease and sickness due to fighting and mating. An important job not only for the cats, but for the community too.

In 2017 only 39% of our costs for this programme was covered by the community (town hall). The rest of the expenses we had to find ourselves.

One of the locations we visit on a regular basis, which suffers dramatically all year, is the "Escollera". Cats living at the beach and in the harbours, without our food and water facilities would perish. Harsh weather in winter and hot summers make life for these colonies very difficult.

The last photo, of the kitten living on the street, does not receive the care he deserves. Either abandoned by his owner or born from a street mother, he has parasites, suffers from malnutrition and is injured.

If you would like to be a part of our team caring for those in most need, please get in touch. You do not need to commit before knowing what is involved, but once you do join the team, you will be rewarded knowing you are saving the lives of many cats.

Contact us and find out how you can help cats in your local area.

Our food collection campaign for the month of August 2021

Due to the success of our last food collection campaign we are doing it again. You can find us at the Carrefour supermarket at the Portal de la Marina shopping centre in Ondara, throughout the month o

Aldea Felina needs about 300 kilos of food every month, to feed all our cats in the shelter and the street colonies that we control. This is a large cost for the association. So many of our friends and supporters do their best to help us and are always asking how. Now is your chance to collaborate and purchase and donation cat food at our collection point. Important is not how many kilos you can donate, but that you do. Every bag of food feeds our cats in need. Every kilo adds up, and reduces the need to spend donation money on this vital source of direct help for the cats.

We will be at the entrance of the supermarket during several days in August and our volunteers will be happy to accept your donation at the checkout points. We need mostly dry and wet food for adult cats, but also for kittens.

In addition, you can help by purchasing cat litter or cleaning products, such as paper rolls or garbage bags.

The schedule at the moment, is for Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00 and 17:30 to 20:30. We hope to also be there on Sunday mornings as well. This we can confirm each week, so please keep your eyes open and revisit our website for updates.

We look forward to seeing you and feeling your love for our cats with your donation and support. Thank you so much!


Our Association distributes more than 200 kilos of dry food every month, to feed colony cats controlled through our TRN programme, who live in the municipalities of Denia, La Xara, Jesús Pobre and Els Poblets.

What we do not receive in donations we have to buy.

Please support us in helping these cats with a vital life support by purchasing and donating cat food. We are happy to receive both wet and dry food; we use a lot more sacks of biscuits than canned food.

You can follow our work and stay involved with us, by visiting our website on a regular basis.

Thank you for your support, helping us care for the homeless cats living on the streets!

You can donate food at any of these collection points:

  • Our Aldea Felina 2nd hand shop, Av. de Jaume I - 23, Els Poblets
  • Our shelter in La Giralda, Dénia
  • Clínica Veterinaria la Marina, Calle Rap 3, Carretera las Marinas (Calle Caliente)