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ALDEA FELINA - Donaciones: Sabadell IBAN: ES20 0081 1142 9900 0119 5725 BIC: BSAB ESBB XXX

Asociación Protectora de Gatos de Dénia

Welcome to Aldea Felina - The Cat Protection Association in Denia. We work in the local community giving advice to local residents about how to care for cats, especially those in distress. We also temporarily re-home abandoned cats and kittens and castrate as many cats as possible, in our aim to stop the suffering of cats without a home.

Lost and Found

Here you can find all the cats who are lost and looking for their owner, or who have been found and are trying to return to their owner. Please take a look, share this information and help us reunite these cats with their owners.

Are you thinking of adopting a cat?

Please visit us at Aldea Felina! We are sure you will find your perfect cat and by adopting from us you give another cat the chance of being rescued. We cannot accept any more cats until we release the pressure and make adoptions.

Pass on our name to all your friends and family -every cat life matters!


In our shelter, we have a weekly rota of volunteers, caring for and playing with our residents. Kitten season is upon us and we have vacant shifts that we urgently need to fill. Without your help, our kittens and cats do not get what they deserve - the best! If you have four hours a week to give to our cats, they will be very grateful.

Latest News

We have drawn the raffle organised to raise funding for Ivy. The winners have been informed and we want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the costs of her operation.


We introduce you to Ivy. She is one of the most special cats that lives in our shelter. She appeared on our doorstep one day as a teenager, in 2010, and she has lived with us ever since.

Our Association has the opportunity to present our work at the 'SOLIDARITY STAND' in the Portal de La Marina Shopping Centre this weekend. It is a stand located on the ground floor, next to the panoramic lift. We will be there from 10 am until 9 pm, to meet and greet you. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to find out more about our Association, especially as we are celebrating 20 years since we opened our doors.

Don’t leave your cats behind... be remembered!


If you love your cat like we love ours, then you are surely concerned about their future, if they survive you. Providing for them will give you peace of mind, knowing your precious pet will be cared for and not neglected. Talk to us about securing a safe haven for them by including Aldea Felina and a donation in your Will.

Contact us for more information, we are happy to talk to you and give you advice.

Purfect For Shopaholics

Have you heard about our very successful second hand charity shop in Els Poblets? We have friendly teams, working together a few hours a day, to sell high quality clothes, shoes, books, jewellery, kitchenware and more - to raise funds for our cats. We have shifts free; if you would like to meet new friends, help cats and have fun, all at the same time, we look forward to hearing from you.

Think Twice!

When you see a new cat at your door or in your local area, ask yourself one question: "Is this cat castrated?"

Seeing a new cat around could mean problems ahead - problems that you can easily rectify. Uncastrated cats, both domestic and wild are causing many people great stress and upset. Act before it's too late or instead of one cat at your door, you could have six.

Who are we?

We are “Aldea Felina” (village of cats); an officially registered non-profit volunteer organisation, using our skills and love of felines to help abandoned cats in our community. We are privately financed by donations, selling items in our 2nd hand shop and bequeaths from Last Wills. We are proud of the work we have been involved in since opening our doors in 2001. Take a look around our website, read here for yourself about the different jobs we do and imagine how much time and organisation we invest in our association, to accomplish the many tasks required of us. If you have something to offer our cats, get in touch - more hands make light work!