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Welcome to our news section. Here you can read about all the activities we are involved in, keep up to date with our association and current isssues, find out how many cats we have rescued, helped, found new home for and much more. Please feel free to share these articles with your friends and colleagues, using the social media links. All these articles are also on our Facebook page.

Articles are written in Spanish and English, most also in German. Scroll past the Spanish text to reach the other languages.

13 Sep 2019

Pobres gatos! Nuestro refugio ha sufrido la fuerza del temporal de ayer.

Total catastrophe! Poor cats! Our shelter suffered the force of yesterday's storm.

30 Jul 2019

Atención. Necesitamos adopción urgente para esta gatita de 10 semanas. Se llama Xiqui!

Attention! We need an urgent adoption for this 10-week-old kitten. Her name is Xiqui!

30 Apr 2019

A collaboration with Aldea Felina

11 Apr 2019

Como cada año en esta época, volvemos a recoger gatitos bebés abandonados en los contenedores de basura.

Like every year at this time, we are again collecting abandoned baby kittens from a rubbish container.

9 Apr 2019

El pasado domingo se encontraron 2 gatos muertos en extrañas circunstancias.

Last Sunday two cats were found dead in strange circumstances in the park.

Letzten Sonntag wurden in den privaten Gärten des Parks zwei tote Katzen aufgefunden.

5 Mar 2019

The kitten season has already begun!

Die Kätzchensaison hat bereits begonnen!

12 Feb 2019

Rescatado de la Avda. Miguel Hernández en Dénia hace 2 meses, le puedes ofrecer un hogar definitivo?

Fully recovered and ready for adoption!  Rescued from Avda. Miguel Hernández in Dénia 2 months ago, can you offer him a new forever home?

Vollständig erholt und zur Adoption bereit! Aus Avda Miguel Hernández in Dénia vor 2 Monaten gerettet, können Sie ihm ein neues Zuhause anbieten?

5 Feb 2019

El domingo sufrimos los efectos del terrible viento que hacía en la Marina Alta.

More repairs needed urgently in our shelter!

Weitere Reparaturen in unserem Tierheim nötig!

4 Feb 2019

Nos han llegado rumores de que quieren poner VENENO contra las ratas en la escollera.

Important announcement! We have heard rumours that they want to put POISON against the rats in the breakwater.

Wichtige Ankündigung! Gerüchten zufolge soll in den Wellenbrecherdämnen RATTENGIFT verteilt werden.

22 Jan 2019

Increíble rescate de gato en el castillo de Dénia ¡Mira las fotos!

Incredible cat rescue at our Denia castle - just look at the pictures!

Unglaubliche Katzenrettung in unserer Denia-Burg - schauen Sie sich die Bilder an!